Ingress Configuration

Manual configuration of the Nginx-Ingress-Controller

Right now the Ingress Controller Package is not fully configured. To make complete use of the Ingress capabilities of the cluster, the user needs to manually update some of the settings of the corresponding service.

Locating the service

The service in question is called “ingress-nginx-controller” and can be found in the same namespace as the ingress package itself. To locate the service across all namespaces, you could use the following command.

kubectl get service -A | grep ingress-nginx-controller

This command should return two entries of services, “ingress-nginx-controller” and “ingress-nginx-controller-admission”, though only the first one needs to be further adjusted.

Setting the Ingress-Controller service to type NodePort

To edit the service, you can use the following command, although the actual namespace may be different. This will change the service type to NodePort.

kubectl patch service ingress-nginx-controller -n kubeops -p '{"spec":{"type":"NodePort"}}'

Kubernetes will now automatically assign unused portnumbers for the nodePort to allow http and https connections to the service. These can be retrieved by running the same command, used to locate the service. Alternatively, you can use the following command, which adds the portnumbers 30080 and 30443 for the respective protocols. By doing so, you have to make sure, that these portnumbers are not being used by any other NodePort service.

kubectl patch service ingress-nginx-controller -n kubeops --type=json -p '[{"op":"replace","path":"/spec/type","value":"NodePort"}, {"op":"add","path":"/spec/ports/0/nodePort","value":30080}, {"op":"add","path":"/spec/ports/1/nodePort","value":30443}]'

Configuring external IPs

If you have access to external IPs that route to one or more cluster nodes, you can expose your Kubernetes-Services of any type through these addresses. The command below shows how to add an external IP-Adress to the service with the example value of “”. Keep in mind that this value has to be changed in order to fit your networking settings.

kubectl patch service ingress-nginx-controller -n kubeops -p '{"spec":{"externalIPs":[""]}}'