KOSI Plugin osCheck Version 1.4.0

Changelog Plugin osCheck 1.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with osCheck Plugin where oscheck variables were not usable


With the osCheck plugin you can gather the name and version of the operating system on which the plugin is running.
The osCheck plugin saves its findings in temporary variables that are accessible to other plugins such as the fPrint plugin.


Key Description
getOSVar Mandatory set a variable_name in which the os name should be stored
getOSVersionVar Mandatory set a variable_name in which os version should be stored


In example below os name will be stored in temporary variable os and version name in variable ``version`.

languageversion = "0.1.0";
apiversion = "kubernative/kubeops/sina/user/v3";
name = "kosi-example-packagev3";
description = "kosi-example-package";
version = "0.1.0";
docs = "docs.tgz";
logo = "logo.png";

files = 

containers = 
    example=["docker.io", "nginx", "latest"];

  osCheck(getOSVar= '"os"';getOSVersionVar='"version"');