KOSI Plugin IPTables Version 1.4.0

Required Software

  • iptables


With this plugin you can manage iptables. You can either open/close ports or disable/enable it. Additionally it is possible to gather information about the iptables status.


Key Description
action Mandatory Similiar to the service Plugin you can enable and disable iptables as well as open and close ports.
ports If you want to open or close any ports the key ports which requires a list ("ports" or "ports-range"/protocol) is mandatory. Any ports like in the schema above are valid.
getFirewallStatus set to a variable name in which status of the iptables will be stored. The status will be either: "running" / "not running"


languageversion = "0.1.0";
apiversion = "kubernative/kubeops/kosi/user/v3";
name = "kosi-example-packagev3";
description = "kosi-example-package";
version = "0.1.0";
docs = "docs.tgz";
logo = "logo.png";

files =

containers =
    example=["docker.io", "nginx", "latest"];

    IPTables(action='"close / open / disable"';ports='"["5555/tcp","6666/tcp","8888-9999/udp"]"';getFirewallStatus='"status"');