Change CRI

Changing Container Runtime Interface

KubeOps enables you to change the Container Runtime Interface (CRI) of the clusters to any of the following supported CRIs

  • containerd
  • crio

You can use the following steps to change the CRI

In the example below, we will change the CRI of the cluster with the name Democluster to containerd on the machine with openSuse OS .

  1. Download the desired CRI maintenance package from hub
In this case you will need package `lima/containerdlp151:1.6.6`.  
To download the package use command:  

 lima pull maintenance lima/containerdlp151:1.6.6
Note : Packages may vary based on OS and Kubernetes version on your machine.
To select the correct maintenance package based on your machine configuration, refer to Installing maintenance packages
  1. Change the CRI of your cluster.

Once the desired CRI maintenance package is downloaded, to change the CRI of your cluster use command: console lima change runtime -r containerd Democluster

So in this case you want to change your runtime to containerd. The desired container runtime is specified after the -r parameter, which is necessary. In this example the cluster has the name Democluster, which is also necessary.