Release Notes

Changelog KOSI 2.9.2


  • Fixed an issue in push - command, which caused a missleading error message.
  • Fixed an issue in the housekeeping functionality, that prevent working properly.

Changelog KOSI 2.9.2_Beta0


  • Fixed an issue where KOSI was still running successfully even if a image could not be pulled
  • Fixed an issue where images where only pushed once
  • Fixed an issue where update could be executed with an invalid deployment name
  • Fixed an issue where delete could be executed with an invalid deployment name

Changelog KOSI 2.9.1


  • update nuget packages
  • update kosi plugin

Changelog KOSI 2.9.0


  • SINA renamed to KOSI
  • new code format for creating packages named package.kosi
  • added the possibility to use sha tag values.
  • added an image-clean-up if you use retagging in KOSI
  • added KOSI remove - command, for removing your own packages from the hub
  • added checking syntax of new package.kosi and lint for package.yaml