We're looking for YOU!

KubeOps GmbH hands you the right spark to start in the Zollernalbkreis with beanbags, snacks as well as regular team events.
Our modern work places in Bisingen provide a mesmerizing view on castle Hohenzollern. 

Our dynamic, ambitioned team with over 80 employees, who are full of vision, is looking for new favorite colleagues in our ARWINET GmbH and its subsidiary KubeOps GmbH.

Your future dream job?

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We achieve our goals by promoting individual strengths, motivating each other while establishing a healthy working environment.

  • Teamevents
  • Feedback Culture
  • Transparent Communication

Come as YOU are

We welcome you with open arms, no matter your age, where you come from or what you're interested in.

  • Colleagues and friends alike
  • Flat Hierarchy


While offering a hybrid work model, that provides 3 days of potential working from home, we also provide a full-on remote model. Due to this, we've colleagues, that range from the Bodensee-area to Hamburg itself. 

  • Flexible working hours to enable your hobbies and family time
  • Hybrid work modell: 
    Located in Bisingen and remotely
  • 30 holidays 


We've got you covered in Bisingen with its local cuisine that is just nearby as well as a comprehensive and free internal supply of beverages for diverse lunch breaks. 

  • Free parking lots
  • Tables that are height-adjustable
  • Modern equipment
  • Easy to reach by train or bus


Look forward to extend your skills and knowledge!

  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • Mentoring
  • Seminars and continuing eduaction

Monetary advantages

With our advantages portal you'll receive access to a vast amount of attractive offers and discounts by all sorts of strong trademarks in all relevant areas of life!

  • Company pension schemes
  • Employees bring Employees
  • Benefits program
  • Job-Bike
  • Rental car discount
  • Probonio Advantages

Looking forward

Employment for indefinite time spans in the future-prove area of Kubernetes. As an evergrowing company we are always on the lookout for new colleagues with diverse ideas and a hands-on mentality.

  • Chances of promotion
  • Attractive wages
  • Chances of partaking in project developments
  • Flat Hierarchies

Confetti 🎉

We value the little things in life and can proudly say that it defines our company culture. Aside from our kicking tables and delicious fruits, we also partake in team events such as our clock-off, bowling and festivals for Christmas as well as Summer. This makes sure for our time as a team to be more than just working hours! 


Pleasent atmosphere and opportunities for hiking, even to historical castles. 
Die possibilities of transport are supreme, ensuring an easy travel to France, Austria or Switzerland alike. Not to forget that living here is quite affordable. 

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