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Managed Kubernetes Service

Comprehensive management of Kubernetes environments from setup to ongoing maintenance.

Discover the Managed Kubernetes Service for your container infrastructure

Are you looking for a provider to set up and manage your container infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your core business? We offer a modular approach that allows services to be tailored precisely to your needs. With automated lifecycle management and an integrated container registry, we ensure maximum efficiency and security. Benefit from flexible storage options, reliable data backup and extended network support. Our proactive problem and incident management and continuous performance monitoring ensure a stable and high-performance infrastructure.

Trust our Kubernetes expertise

Modular approach for your needs

With our PLATFORM, we offer a modular structure that makes it possible to adapt services to the specific needs of your company. This guarantees a customized and at the same time standardized service provision.

Automated lifecycle management

The KubeOps PLATFORM includes automated cluster lifecycle management. Regular updates and maintenance releases ensure constant improvements and security fixes. This reduces manual effort and minimizes errors when managing Kubernetes clusters.

Integrated container registry

A separate, redundant container registry ensures independence from external sources, which improves the availability and security of the container images. In addition, automated vulnerability scans are carried out to detect and eliminate security gaps at an early stage.

Extended network support

With multi-networking, different network requirements can be met in parallel, which increases the flexibility and performance of your network infrastructure.

Comprehensive infrastructure management

Our service covers the management of the entire infrastructure, including the setup and maintenance of virtual machines, networks and operating systems. This ensures that your Kubernetes environment is optimally adapted to your needs.

Reliable data backup and recovery

Regular data backups and the option of controlled restoration ensure the protection and availability of your data at all times.

The PLATFORM for your Kubernetes cluster

Flexible and scalable storage solutions

The KubeOps PLATFORM offers flexible storage options, including block, file and object storage, as well as dynamic storage provisioning and automatic data replication. This ensures high availability and integrity of your data.

Comprehensive safety functions

Our PLATFORM contains container images that are extensively hardened by us and tested in accordance with strict security guidelines. The security policy engine enables granular access control and ensures that security and compliance requirements are met at all times.

Would you like to find out more about our KubeOps PLATFORM?

Teaser video for KubeOps PLATFORM. You can find the full-length video under "further information".

Security and compliance for your critical infrastructure

Proactive problem / incident management

Thanks to efficient incident management, we can quickly rectify faults and ensure the operability of your platform through preventive problem management.

Continuous performance monitoring

With our monitoring and logging functions, we keep an eye on the performance of your systems, are alerted to events at an early stage and can react immediately to potential problems.

Integrated safety functions

From supply chain security to full GDPR compliance, PLATFORM ensures that all aspects of security are considered and adhered to.

Operation according to ITIL

The Managed Kubernetes Service is based on proven ITIL best practices and ensures standardized procedures for IT service management.

With the KubeOps Software Installer, we offer you many additional options

Teaser video for the KubeOps Software Installer. You can find the full-length video under "further information".

Transparent and flexible service options

Leave the complexity and management of your Kubernetes infrastructure to our experts. We ensure seamless and secure management of your systems. With KubeOps, you no longer have to worry about the technical challenges and compliance risks. Our basic package offers all essential services, while additional services can be booked on demand, specifically tailored to your requirements in the KRITIS sector.

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