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KubeOps KOSI

An effective software solution for the improvement and security of Kubernetes installations.

Secure and efficient installation with KubeOps KOSI

The KubeOps Software Installer is designed to simplify the installation of packages and programs in Kubernetes clusters.

One notable feature: KubeOps KOSI is optimized for BSI-tested environments. Therefore it adheres to strict security standards and ensures a safe and secure installation process.

KubeOps KOSI has a batch engine and a “flow logic” that can be extended by plugins. This enhances the functionality and an easy use.

KubeOps KOSI can package everything into a self-sufficient package, which can then be transported in any complex and secure environment. This package is immutable and ensures that your packages remain secure and stable.

In addition, we address the strategic components of your infrastructure through KOSI, offering tailored managed service solutions to meet your specific needs.

The KOSI definition file as a bundling of all necessary applications.

Successful installation of KOSI and all required container images.

Detailed view after an succesfull installation of the compressed file.

KubeOps HUB is the collection of self-sufficient Kubernetes packages

KubeOps HUB is a collection of self-sufficient Kubernetes packages which no longer have to be laboriously searched for and checked.
Your attack surface can be reduced to a minimum if you use KubeOps HUB as your only access point to your cluster.
You need KubeOps KOSI our package manager and command line interface to KubeOps HUB to get the best and easiest universal solution for your software management. 

The best and easiest solution for your software management.

Simplifies the installation of packages and programs in Kubernetes clusters.
Optimized for BSI-tested environments, adhering to strict security standards for safe and secure installations.
Includes a batch engine and a "flow logic" that can be extended by plugins, enhancing functionality and ease of use.
Can package everything into a self-sufficient package that is immutable, ensuring secure and stable packages throughout their lifecycle.
Provides KubeOps HUB for publishing, downloading and installing self-sufficient packages in a one-stop-shop experience.

Software Deployment

For software-manufacturers KOSI offers the possibility to release their Kubernetes software as a single self-sufficient deployment file.

To do so, the manifacturer packages all needed deployment artefacts via 

kosi build


kosi push

the packages gets uploaded to the KubeOps HUB giving either access only to the specific customer or even to the whole community if desired.

This simplifies the download process for the clients, as they just need to run a

kosi install

to install the packages into their cluster, even behind a proxy (Airgap).

Helm Deployment

For customers planning to deploy a Helmchart KubeOps KOSI gives support at downloading and packaging all needed container images and artefacts into a single, self-sufficient package with 

kosi build

By publishing via

kosi push 

the package can be downloaded from KubeOps HUB as a single installation fine.

All relevant dependencies are managed by KOSI insuring installation.

Therefore, installing software with KOSI into your cluster simplifies, secures and eases the process of software deployments into your environments.

Deployment without KOSI


  • Manual Processing 

  • Effort Intensive

  • Vulnerable 

  • Not reproducable

The classic way of software delivery in the cloud cosmos is using helm-charts and container images.

Requiering software manufactureres to publish the helm-chart, uploadcontainer images into a public registry and provide their customers with a list of all requiered artefacts.

Customers then have to pull these images, configure the helm-chart according to the environment specific settings, check all checksums etc. this often even gets more complex in productive environments. As these tend to have an outgoing proxy preventing broad access to the internet.