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As leading Kubernetes experts, we at KubeOps have been supporting KRITIS companies in fully exploiting the potential of Kubernetes for many years. With our expertise in security and compliance, you can confidently navigate the complexities of Kubernetes.

Managed Kubernetes for the KRITIS sector

Deployment and configuration

We work with you to deploy and configure Kubernetes environments.

Monitoring and alarming

We use monitoring tools to identify and eliminate problems at an early stage.

Maintenance and upgrades

We take care of all routine maintenance tasks such as backups, patches and upgrades.

Experts for Kubernetes and containerization

Experience unmatched scalability, seamless automation and optimal resource utilization with KubeOps. We offer you a robust, secure and fully managed Kubernetes environment tailored to your specific needs.

Security and compliance for the KRITIS sector

Ohne Kubernetes
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Attack surface

Potentially larger, depending on architecture and security practices

Image hardening, greatly reduced by strict security controls and isolation

Isolation & sandboxing

Dependent on individual VMs or other isolation mechanisms

Greatly reduced due to strict safety controls and isolation

Automated patches
& updates

Manually or through separate systems

Additional safety measures and network isolation

Access control
& authentication

Varies greatly based on implementation

Hardening of images, strictly controlled, with tested and approved updates

Network guidelines

Manually configured, depending on the network infrastructure

Highly restrictive and strictly controlled external communication

Difficulty level for

Varies, depending on safety practices

Very high, due to comprehensive safety measures and insulation

Customer testimonials in the spotlight

  • We are pleased to have found a partner who can help our customers prepare for containerization so that our products can be used more efficiently.

    Thomas K. - IT manager, software manufacturer in the healthcare industry

  • Our first attempts with Kubernetes were difficult and often led to failures. With the expertise of KubeOps GmbH, we have now built a reliable and automated container infrastructure that is regularly patched and updated.

    Kai W. - IT manager of an energy supplier

  • It was a major effort for us to implement the IT baseline protection and ISO 27001 regulations for our clusters. We are delighted to have received the support we needed from KubeOps.

    Heike M. - IT Project Manager Public Sector

Our tools and services

Discover our extensive product portfolio, ranging from customized Kubernetes solutions to specialized training. We offer flexible and scalable solutions without compromising on security. 

Managed Kubernetes

Leave the management of your Kubernetes environment to us.

Kubernetes Academy

Practice-oriented training for your team. 

Kubernetes Consulting

Individual advice for your specific needs.


Security and efficiency in the management of your Kubernetes clusters. 

KubeOps KOSI

Simplify the installation in your Kubernetes clusters. 

Security Library

Maximize your cluster security with specialized security measures and risk management strategies.

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