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About KubeOps

Who we are

KubeOps GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARWINET GmbH. The parent company was founded in 2011 by Susanne Schmidt and Andreas Stroppel and supports well-known customers in the areas of senior project management, banking, test and quality management, IT architecture and system administration. In 2015, they expanded their portfolio to include projects in "Containerization and Kubernetes". In 2019, they launched major projects in the public sector and founded KubeOps GmbH to bundle their Kubernetes expertise.

KubeOps Photo with the whole KubeOps Team

What sets us apart

1. Leading experts

As leading Kubernetes experts and our extensive experience in the public sector, we know the right solution for each of your challenges.

2. Customized

We operate your Kubernetes cluster on-premises or in the cloud, with a multi-level security concept and other services.

3. Kubernetes platform

We offer the specially developed "KubeOps PLATFORM", based on efficient Kubernetes cluster management for individual requirements.

4.Training partner

Our in-house Kubernetes Academy makes us your training partner. We offer advanced training and certification courses.

5. Certified partner

We are your partner for secure solutions. In order to meet our high standards, we undergo regular certifications.

6. One contact person

In addition to our numerous experts, we offer you a personal contact person and offer fixed support times and SLAs.

Our management team

Susanne Schmidt

Susanne Schmidt is an experienced expert for large-scale IT projects with a focus on project management, test management and migration. As Managing Director of ARWINET GmbH and KubeOps GmbH, she has many years of experience in personnel management.

Andreas Stroppel

Andreas Stroppel is a proven expert in the field of Kubernetes and cloud IT architectures thanks to his many years of project experience. His other areas of experience include IT project management, IT architecture, migration, development and supplier management.

Our partnerships

Our mission

Central provider

Our numerous tools and services make us your central provider of Compliant Kubernetes in the public sector and critical infrastructure.

Public sector and critical infrastructure

We offer high-quality products and highly qualified, flexible consulting as well as a premium operating service. Our extensive market knowledge in the public sector and critical infrastructure is second to none. The diversification of our offerings clearly sets us apart from other providers.

Responsibility and quality

We take responsibility by identifying problems and thinking ahead. As experts, we focus on our customers at all times and communicate precisely at eye level. We strive for measurable results and sustainable added value. Quality is always our top priority.

Our certifications


A title that is officially recognized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in cooperation with the Linux Foundation.

Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP)

The KTP was established to recognize training providers with extensive experience in cloud native technology training.

Certified Kubernetes Conformance

Only the world's leading enterprise software vendors and cloud computing providers have Certified Kubernetes offerings.

Heart projects

Masaka Kids Africana e.V.

At KubeOps, supporting the NGO Masaka Kids Africana e.V. is particularly important to us. Twice a year, we visit the children in person to ensure that our donations - whether toys, clothing or hygiene products - reach them directly. Our commitment also includes a company run, in which we donate for every kilometer run. In this way, we want to make a small contribution to improving the children's lives and bringing them joy.

Bisingen soccer club

As avid soccer fans ourselves, supporting the local soccer club in Bisingen is very important to us. We are actively involved in our community and are passionate about promoting the sport and developing young talent. Through our support, we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share the excitement and joy of soccer. We ourselves cheer diligently at every game