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Geekknowledge: Where are kubernetes and containers most popular? 

The CNCF Foundation's 2021 survey highlights the widespread adoption of Kubernetes and container technologies, offering valuable insights into global usage, company sizes, and user roles. This comprehensive overview underscores the significance and versatility of these technologies in today's tech landscape.

Global Distribution: Kubernetes and container technologies are used worldwide, illustrating their universal appeal and applicability. Europe leads with 28% (654 users), showcasing a strong adoption rate. North America follows with 23% (522 users), and Asia is close behind with 25% (579 users). Africa also shows a notable presence with 11% (249 users), reflecting growing technological engagement across the continent. Australia and Oceania account for 10% (230 users), while South and Central America, though smaller in numbers, contribute 3% (68 users) to the global user base. These figures demonstrate that Kubernetes is a truly global technology, embraced by diverse regions and cultures.

Company Size: Kubernetes and container technologies are embraced by companies of all sizes, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability across different organizational scales. 11% of users work in small companies with fewer than 9 employees, reflecting the technology's accessibility to startups and small enterprises. Another 20% come from companies with 10-49 employees, while 14% are from companies with 50-99 employees. Larger companies with 100-499 employees account for 18%, those with 500-999 employees represent 7%, and companies with 1000-4999 employees make up 9% of the user base. The largest enterprises, with more than 5000 employees, constitute 20% of users. This wide distribution indicates that Kubernetes is suitable for a range of business sizes, from small startups to large multinational corporations.

Professional Roles: The survey also captured the professional roles of Kubernetes users, highlighting the diverse expertise within the community. Most users are SRE/DevOps engineers (31%), underscoring the technology's critical role in maintaining and optimizing infrastructure. Software architects make up 25%, indicating significant use in designing robust and scalable systems. Backend developers account for 23%, while full-stack developers comprise 16%. Front-end and application developers represent 14% of the user base. These data points emphasize that Kubernetes and container technologies are particularly popular among professionals responsible for the reliability, scalability, and architecture of modern applications.

The CNCF Foundation survey results confirm that Kubernetes and container technologies continue to grow and evolve, reflecting their increasing importance and adoption in the tech industry. As these technologies advance, they promise to drive innovation and efficiency across various sectors, making them indispensable tools for the future of software development and deployment.

Source: CNCF Foundation Annual Survey 2021

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