There is an error message regarding Remote-Certificate

Error: http://hub.kubernative.net/dispatcher?apiversion=3&vlientversion=2.X.0 : 0

X means per version

centos7 cannot update the version by itself ca-certificates-2021.2.50-72.el7_9.noarch

You can fix it with a

yum update ca-certificates -y


a yum update

This is how the ca-certificates rpm can be downloaded and installed manually:

Download: curl http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/updates/x86_64/Packages/ca-certificates-2021.2.50-72.el7_9.noarch.rpm -o ca-certificates-2021.2.50-72.el7_9. noarch.rpm 

To install: yum install ca-certificates-2021.2.50-72.el7_9.noarch.rpm -y

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