How to update Calico Multus?

  1. Get podSubnet located in clusterStorage.yaml ( ‚$LIMAROOT/<clustername>/clusterStorage.yaml‘)
  2. Create a values.yaml with key=>podSubnet an value=> <yourvalue>

                Example: podSubnet:

  1. Get the deployment name of the current calicomultus installation with the sina list- command


| Deployment  | Package                            | PublicHub | Hub    |


| 39e6da    | local/calicomultus:0.0.1       |                   |   local  |


  1. Update the deployment with sina update lima/calicomultus:0.0.2 –dname <yourdeploymentname> --hub=public -f values.yaml

                --dname: important parameter mandatory for the update command.

               -f values.yaml: important  that the right podSubnet is being used.

Known issue:

error: resource mapping not found for name: "calico-kube-controllers" namespace:co.yaml": no matches for kind "PodDisruptionBudget" in version "policy/v1beta1"

ensure CRDs are installed first


Error caused by a missing  CRD. Error has no impact on the update procedure of calico.

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