I want to delete the cluster master node and rejoin the cluster. When trying to rejoin the node a problem occurs and rejoining fails. What can be done?

To delete the cluster master, we need to set the cluster master to a different master machine first.


  1. On the admin machine: change the IP-Address from the current to new cluster master in:
    1. /var/lima/<name_of_cluster>/clusterStorage.yaml
    2. ~/.kube/config
  1. Delete the node
  2. Delete the images to prevent interference: ctr -n k8s.io i rm $(ctr -n k8s.io i ls -q)
  3. Change IP on new cluster master in /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf
  4. Change IPs in config maps:
    1. kubectl edit cm kubeadm-config -n kube-system
    2. kubectl edit cm kube-proxy -n kube-system
    3. kubectl edit cm kubeadm-config -n kube-system
    4. kubectl edit cm cluster-info -n kube-public
  1. Restart kubelet
  2. Rejoin the node

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