KubeOps SINA + HUB


Packages no longer have to be laboriously searched for and checked. Our experts and the entire community are continuously putting together packages and making them freely available in our Software Hub.


With SINA and access to our Software Hub, you get the best and easiest solution for your software management. With our Software Hub, SINA only has a single access point for downloading packages. Since all packages are completely based on helm, they can be used universally.


Instead of opening your firewall for every package, our Software Hub is your only source for everything your cluster needs. As the only access point to your cluster, air gaps can be reduced to a minimum.

is our software installer and text frontend for our Software Hub.

SINA allows you to download, create, edit and install software hub Packages directlin a (Kubernetes) cluster. SINA unique selling point is that all required dependencies for the installation are delivered within the package. Thus, this allows you to install multiple artifacts at the same time. For instance, it permits you to install Helm-based Software in an Air Gap clusterSubsequently, it endorses the packet installation on all further hosts.  

SINA can be enhanced at any time through the integrated plug-in interface. 

The image illustrates only one of many possible use cases.

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