Training program

From Foundation to Expert 

with our training programs you will gain all the Kubernetes knowledge you need.

You reach the EXPERT level by successfully completing our training programs FOUNDATION, ADVANCED and at least one of the three SPECIALIST orientations.
For all those who are striving for a specialization, whether in the area of developer, security or operations, you have the opportunity to delve into the topics of the chosen specialization based on the previous training programs.
From the user's point of view, you will learn how to plan clusters, commission the application, and resolve possible problems.

The training package is aimed at all curious and newcomers who know and want to use Kubernetes. You will get to know the components, how to build your own K8s cluster and get to know many different resources that Kubernetes offers.

Our Trainings are currently solely offered in german. For englisch speaking Training sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our offer

Kubernetes offers many advantages and thus also brings great benefits for everyone who wants to implement their applications with container solutions. With our training programs, we offer you the right introduction to the exciting field of dealing with Kubernetes clusters.

With our 2-day KICKSTART training you will learn the basics of Kubernetes. You will learn how to build a Kubernetes cluster and how to work with it.

Our 3-day PRACTITIONER training course is suitable for anyone who already knows the basics of Kubernetes and is able to set up a Kubernetes cluster. In the end, you will be able to manage a Kubernetes cluster yourself.

If you are interested in both training programs, you can use the FOUNDATION training package to take part in both training courses at a reduced price.

Your trainer

Ahmet Ünal is our specialist for the development and implementation of training courses on all aspects of microservices, Docker and Kubernetes. Due to his direct insights into product development at Kubernative GmbH and his educational background, Mr. Ünal is able to carry out practical training courses tailored to customer needs.

Details about our training program


The perfect introduction to the topic of Kubernetes in two days of training.


Professional expertise and practical examples on everything around Kubernetes.




The Kubernetes FOUNDATION training combines the two training blocks KICKSTART and PRACTITIONER at a discounted price.




The Advanced Training program expands the Foundation Knowledge with practical knowledge from a user's point of view. You will learn how to plan and create clusters, commission applications, and resolve possible problems.

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