What is SINA? #

SINA is a specially designed software installer for Kubernates cluster. It helps you define, install, and manage self-contained packages for Kubernetes. These packages can be configured for different needs.

Why to use SINA? #

SINA , with its usability inspired by helm, enables software developers to create packages. You can include many artifacts and the necessary dependencies in one single SINA package. At the time of software deployment into your environments you only need to download this package from KubeOps hub. All relevant dependencies are managed by SINA insuring installation.

This makes the process of installing software with SINA into your cluster simplified, secure and flawless.

Highlights #
  • SINA is beneficial over other package managers due to its unique feature of assisting you to bundle images along other artifacts in the package.

  • SINA due to its ability to produce single self-sufficient package eliminates the chances of human errors caused due to Manual Processing in software deployment.

  • SINA provides you the pre-built plugins along which enable to execute few most common tasks through SINA packages. You can also easily access other plugins through our KubeOps hub.

  • SINA facilitates you to deliver your software through SINA even in the complex environments where outgoing proxy preventing broad access to the internet.

  • SINA is compatible with Helm and docker.

How to use SINA? #

Here is the simplified SINA workflow which helps you understand how to use SINA.


The workflow gives you an idea about how SINA works and the steps to be followed to work with SINA.

Click here to download and get started with SINA now. #