About Lima

What is LIMA? #

LIMA is a Cluster Lifecycle Manager application which helps you create and manage a high-availability Kubernetes cluster.


Why to use LIMA? #

As the existing Kubernetes environments require management at individual cluster level. Many tasks like installing some softwares and updating them at every single cluster need to be repeated from time-to-time. Hence the manual management of Kubernetes Cluster becomes complex, time-consuming and error prone.

The main goal behind LIMA is to make Kubernetes secure and easy to use for everyone. LIMA gives you the possibility to automate thousands of Kubernetes clusters.

Highlights #
  • Cluster can be managed from a centralized management node.
  • LIMA can be used in the Air-Gap environment.
  • LIMA reduces the time and efforts of your IT-team by automating multiple clusters.
  • LIMA supports various Container runtimes.
  • LIMA also supports various Plugin networks.

What does LIMA offer? #

LIMA enables you to set up and manage your cluster from a centralized management node without the need to access a single cluster node.

Cluster Lifecycle Management of a Kubernetes cluster with LIMA includes: #
  • Creating Cluster.
  • Adding Nodes.
  • Deleting Nodes.
  • Upgrading the Kubernetes API version.
  • Updating non-Kubernetes softwares in Cluster.
  • Renew Certificates.

Click here to download and get started with LIMA now. #