Update Kubernetes Version

Upgrading Kubernetes version #

You can use the following steps to upgrade the Kubernetes version of a cluster.

In the following example, we will upgrade Kubernetes version of your cluster with name Democluster to Kubernetes version 1.24.8

  1. Download the desired Kubernetes version maintenance package from the hub.

    In this example you will need package lima/kubernetes:1.24.8.
    To download the package use command:

    lima pull maintenance lima/kubernetes:1.24.8
    Note : Packages may vary based on OS and Kubernetes version on your machine.
    To select the correct maintenance package based on your machine configuration,
    refer to Installing maintenance packages
  2. Upgrade the version

    Once the desired CRI maintenance package is downloaded, to change the CRI of your cluster use command:

    lima upgrade apply -v 1.24.8 Democluster

    In this example the number 1.24.8 is used after the -v parameter, because in this example the cluster is upgraded to kubernetes version 1.24.8. The -v parameter is necessary you can check if the upgrade was successful with the following command:

    kubectl get node